DUDYE Terms of Service

The terms listed below are terms agreed by you when you are on the site DUDYE.com

How you treat the services on DUDYE.com

You need to give out certain information about yourself such as your name and e-mail address, for some functions to work. For instance when you write a comment on DUDYE.

You may not without the permission of DUDYE use, copy or sell information provided on DUDYE.

You do not try to get into the system and/or change information without a personal deal with DUDYE.

Site terms

You have the responsibility for what you write on the page, anything offensive will be deleted.

You may not put up information taken by other websites without their permission.

All types of insult will be intolerable and removed, even though DUDYE does not have the requirement to do so.

When you give out information about yourself it is expected by you to do it truthfully and accurately.

You may not accuse DUDYE of falsely accusations on other sites.


The trademark DUDYE along with DUDYE logos, designs, graphics, button icons, scripts, and service names may not be utilized, although they can be used as links to the page on other sites when permission is given by DUDYE.com.

Fundamental terms

DUDYE has the right to change and delete anything on the site without notice. You may leave DUDYE.com whenever you want, without notice.

DUDYE.com can decline any offer at anytime for whichever reason. If wanting to use information on DUDYE, you need to link back to DUDYE.com.

If you notice anything on the site that does not follow the terms or if you have any questions about the terms of service, please do not be hesitant to contact us.