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Extreme Design Strategy and Biomimicry Solution

Extreme Housing by Singapore-based LOOK Architects Pte Ltd. Extreme housing call for extreme design strategies and ecological sensitive solutions. It can be learnt from Nature which is intrinsically vital for species survival.

Look Architects visualized a colony of mushroom found on a forested ground, signifying the healthy state of the eco system. Hence, by analogy, sustainable housing for the future, encourages a sustainable eco living and low energy home concept made feasible by innovative design, construction and materials.



"Our inspiration came from the pristine Russian landscape fronting a lake where the idea of community is celebrated thru innovative use of steel construction, sustainable materials and passive solar design. As a passive solar design strategy, the sleeping zone is designed closer to the ground, minimizing the cold wind exposure. The slab (thermal mass) of the living spaces which absorb heat in the daytime, releases heat thru the ceiling during the night when the family return home from work, thus making a low energy home concept feasible."



In the summers the house allows prevailing breeze achieve comfort for the occupants. The building envelope can be designed as an intelligent skin with “apertures and gills” to allow the house to breath and release wanted heat. Depending on the site orientation, the greenroom / garage is a key component in the layout which can be designed as a flexible buffer zone to achieve good passive design.
Due to extreme weather, all the building components are prefabricated as “chunks” to be reassembled on site with minimum exposure to the weather.

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