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Find the Positive Aspects of Ideas

Rejecting ideas is a common thing as they might seem a bit too scary or just simply weird. This is perfectly normal and sometimes some ideas are too random and for the best to be left alone. However, at times when you're rejecting every idea that crosses your mind, or that is presented to you, stop for a second and take a minute to step back and look at the idea. Where does it derive from and how will it evolve if used?

Nothing wrong with Abnormality
Being a creative, isn't about being normal, it can even be the complete opposite. The Irish writer, Jonathan Swift, saw once the withered crown of a tree. As he regarded this scene he turned to his companion, the poet Edward Young and uttered: "I shall be like that tree, I shall die from the top.". Swift had an incredible imagination, although, since his way of writing wasn't the most "normal", he was somewhat seen as a crazy person, even in his own perception. But the crucial piece of this story is that even though he was told that he could never become a writer or a poet, Swift did not gave up.

Being afraid of looking crazy is a real fear in society. It is not acceptable to people around you if you start breaking social norms and saying strange of topic things. We must be in line with whatever is status quo. This is not creativity, this is being a sheep, following the herd, staying out of trouble. In this situation, for some reason, we have a tendency to become really creative to stay in line. Finding reasons not to attempt new ideas, in this way most people are creative but their strategy is one of conformity. This is for the most time automatic, its not that we plan to conformity, its more like a subconscious reactivity.

Here are some examples of what we might say to ourselves when encountering a new idea:

• People will think I'm crazy.
• This is impossible!
• I have almost done this before.
• This won't change anything.
• I'm not ready for this, I'm not skilled enough.
• It's too weird.
• This will cost too much.
• I don't have enough time to accomplish this.

I'm scared, better find a safer way!
If you study the sentences above, you'll find that neither of these are questions, they are all statements that block your creativity by immediately hitting the breaks! You need to break these barriers. Most of these translates to "I'm scared, I Want a safer way!".

Next time you get an idea and negative thoughts like these arise, pick up a pencil and write them all down, burst out all of your worries on a paper (or numerous of papers if you need it). Complain until you have no more doubts left to write down. Then look through it again and see how you can find a solution to each doubt/problem. This helps you to think in a different and more positive way. This doesn't mean that you should say yes to everything that gets in your way, but it means that you need to know exactly why you're saying no and if it really has anything to do with the actual idea, or has it to do with you? You are your own devils advocate, but are you aware of it?

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