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Finding Balance: Setsu Ito

Architect and designer Setsu Ito was introduced to his current profession as his father who is a sculpture artist constantly told him about how great architecture was and brought home architecture and design books.

After 5-6 years of my experience in my great master’s studio, I felt it was time to do it myself. In 1995, when I was 31 years old the great masters helped me construct my strong backbone. And from 1997 with my partner Shinobu Ito we establish our new studio together.

Setsu & Shinobu Ito

Entering the Profession

Architecture and design are always for other people, the protagonists are the clients. So our profession is to find the best solutions to satisfy them. Of course, sometimes we have moments where we are the protagonists as artists. But for me the most important thing a Designer needs is balance, to control good balance is a requirement and a desire.When I haven’t made a balance in a project, I know I’ve made a mistake. For instance when choosing materials and colors on a budget.

The culture in which is inside of architecture is what fascinates Setsu Ito the most.

When architecture gives us a cultural experience, we desire to have a deeper contact with it. It doesn’t matter what size it is, or which materials that are being used, but what’s important is the culture behind it. I often prefer historical architectures such as old temples, churches, historical country houses, because you feel a strong relationship with the culture and when trying to make new projects you feel that the same qualities of the cultural feeling should be in it.


Ito believes that the environment affects how we become creative. He says that the best place to become creative on is surrounded by nature. Pure and beautiful nature makes us pure out creativity. For example, I often go to the sea with my wife Shinobu and always get ideas.

From big spaces to small objects, we should project the same attention and energy and think beyond size of objects and space, if you want to give your creativity a flow.

People and Balance

The most difficult challenges that Ito has faced was coming to Italy to live and work. I have overcome them with my cultural interest and curiosity. Travel a lot! Have the occasion to lean on other cultures and experience their great Nature! We can not work too much alone. So it is important to have major respect for other people. And to be able to lean on each other so that you can have a good balance, it is the most important thing for us. Great thanks to my partner Shinobu that has given us a good balance when working on projects.

Icy and Santa PaceIcy and Santa Pace

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