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Get Ready to Join a New Product Design Competition: Open to Professionals and Students

Design For a Changing World is the first international product design competition hosted by Delood, in association with Casaviva and Living Divani.

The jury members of the competition are looking for designers from around the globe who can “freeze” time and capture a moment in a process of evolution, that is to say in an constantly developing context, where you explore the thin line between static and dynamic design.

"The world today is changing rapidly in ways that we have never seen before. Society, technology, the environment, everything seems to be in constant transformation, everything seems to evolve creating constantly new conditions. All that can be considered “contemporary” today, tomorrow may be “outdated”, and all that is considered given today, tomorrow may no longer exist."

The competition is open to both professionals and students in which participants are allowed to submit one project each in the fields of: furniture, lighting, home accessories and tableware. If you like to work with a group you still can only submit one project.

You may send up to four A3 panels consisting of: renders, mock ups, sketches, or technical drawings.


The winner will have the opportunity of seeing his/her work realized by Living Divani.
The top 3 winning entries will have their work exhibited in the Delood one year anniversary event to be held in Athens, Greece in February 2012 and will also be published in the March 2012 issue of Casaviva magazine.
20 shortlisted entries will have their work featured in the Delood website.


The deadline for submissions is until 31st December 2011.

For more information on the contest, make sure to check out Delood's website.

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