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Giancarlo Zema on How the Future of Architecture will Change Our Living into a “Floating Experience”

Architect Giancarlo Zema shares his vision on how the future’s design will evolve and why we are approaching a “floating experience”. In this interview with Zema, he shares his ideas and explains what his field, semi-submerged architecture, is all about.

Giancarlo Zema says that he has always loved architecture and nature, particularly marine creatures. For this reason he has worked on innovative ideas that can combine these two passions, giving new solutions to our living.

Every day I like to explore all fields of architecture, yacht and interior design, finding in nature the inspiration for the sensual forms and the organic shapes, unconsciously appealing, that I usually design. My style with these clear references to nature allows me to freely express my creativity. With rigorous method this creativity gives birth to innovative projects studied from the concept to the detail.

My architecture, like amphibious animals, merge the style of the floating structures with these on land so to create a new housing typology that can answer to present and future world needs. I really believe that the future of architecture is on the water and that shortly man will be more and more inclined towards living a floating experience.

The future of technology is already underway...so it's up to us to enjoy and give others the possibility to live a floating experience that allows us to better understand and respect the wonders of nature.

So our architecture are distinguished by their desire to conquer new living spaces only with a careful attention to nature because we are aware of the impact that man has always had on it based on a wrong approach to resources. But I firmly believe that our every changing planet will soon finally lead architecture to match with the numerous resources that are still unexplored.

For this reason I think that we should concentrate our efforts on designing environmentally friendly-habitats and explore new ways of living that could link more man to nature.

I'm sure that in the future our dwelling places will have more and more to do with industrial design and less with architecture, because it will be even more possible to build them in moldable materials away from the building yard and in series. When architecture and design really blend with each other, only then something new has been created. In this epoch it's important to realize new eco-architecture with a kind of design-art, utilizing functional and sculptures forms that can give people happiness and allows new prospective of living.

The Giancarlo Zema Design Group, involved in a lot of orders for museums, showrooms, urban design with photovoltaic technology and furniture with eco-friendly design, is so working to create new futuristic way of living.

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  1. Tom Otero says:

    Wonderful pieces of archtectural designs.Looking forward for more.The world is getting too small that we will soon have nowhere to hide.There is no otherwise.We should try to keep up with the rest of the world,technologically or otherwise.

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