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Great Architecture Begins with a Promise: Max Strang

Max Strang, the principle of Max Strang Architecture graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Architecture at the University of Florida, in 1994. He received a Masters Degree at Columbia University, and an honor award for design excellence. Before establishing his own firm, he worked for architect Zaha Hadid in London.

Strang Architects< Strang believes it's important that the design of buildings have structures that fit their locations. His favorite buildings are those of Geoffrey Bawa and Gene Leedy. “They design amazing structures for their respective locations in the world.”

Today he has been involved with environmental architecture: “It has definitely been an evolution. We have always designed for the South Florida Climate, but incorporating green building materials and construction practices into our specifications have been a constantly evolving and adapting work in progress.”

In the future he thinks contemporary design “will probably have new design solutions to better incorporate solar systems into the design rather than on top of the design. Contemporary design will always be cutting edge, and adoption of green building materials will be along for the ride.”

Biggest Fears and Challenges

Strang says that the biggest fears of working with a project is "that the project budget falls short of the client goals, and that design is sacrificed for economy of scale."

What’s challenging "is and always will be establishing our signature style to every project we take on. With so many unique projects, keeping our style engaged on all of them is a challenge."

"Never quit. Producing great architecture begins with a promise to never let the complexities and often struggles of this business get you down. Anyone can be an architect. It takes a good eye and determination to make what you believe turn into a reality."

Strang Architects

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