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Hironao Tsuboi’s evolving Perception of Design

Growing up as a child, designer Hironao Tsuboi, explains that he always had a curiosity devoted to discovering the unknown, in particular the mysterious circumstances of the world.

During his teenage years, he found his love for painting and decided to attend Tama Art University, where his interests gradually developed to creating objects.“I was naturally conscious to be a designer.”'

Tsuboi, who have had a background with parents who owned a temple, decided to, after his graduation from the university, stay at the “Daihonzan Sojiji temple” in Tsurumi ward, Yokohama City, as an itinerant Buddhist. He woke up 4 AM in the mornings and went to bed around midnight. He went through the severe practice for the sake of both his mental and physical growth.

Since then, he has established Hironao Tsuboi Design (2006), is working as a part-time teacher in the University he graduated from, and works with domestic and international makers for diverse projects.

It is significant for me to design the context of objects and how the object is entangled with the landscape around it in daily scenery, rather than designing the form or the object itself. That is why, my design features can be a freshness and strength based on necessity and the nature of objects. I do not see myself as creative or not, but design is always a creative activity. In my case, I consider my design objectively in terms of how my design is formed by my subjective ideas that can satisfy peoples' needs. Then I’ll finalize the most possible idea into a design that is build from that consideration.

If it is an industrial design for mass production, it must be the design that is demanded by as many consumers as possible, and makes advantage for manufacture and industry. Lamp/Lamp and LED Watch are my favorites. Because even though the lamp and watch were designed without using any new elements or materials: they could achieve innovation, and give a special impression because of the applying sight change: of interpretation of the common multiples the objects have.

LED and Lamp/Lamp

The Process of Projects

First, I spend as much time possible to hear what clients want. Secondarily, I ideate about ten thousand ideas in my head from different approaches to create solid images and ideas. My favorite process is the ideation stage.

After structuring the design images as much as possible in my head, the selected ideas are transferred and examined into sketches, models or 3D cad. This is how I normally brush up my design.

At the same time, I always communicate with clients, technology, price and circulation in society to finalize the design.

I would like to devote all my energy to utilizing the opportunity of projects. I do not even know what desire would come to me about design in the future. Also my perception of design does not always need to be the same because there must be boundless of possibilities in design values and perspectives.

Do not be afraid to express yourself and make maximum efforts for your will.


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