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How Light Transforms Perception: PATRICK COX’s Interior in Tokyo

The interior design of the PATRICK COX shop was structured with the task to highlight its bags, leather goods and accessories. The shop is within a 17-story building, inside of Tokyo’s fashion-centric in Aoyama district. It is only a few steps inside the building’s main entrance.

Patrick Cox

The important point of this shop seemed to be the lighting. The products get a better shine and appearance if the light source is close to them. This means that an ambient light similar to only a light from the ceiling just wouldn’t do.

Designer: Chikara Ohno
Design Office Sinato
Location Kitaaoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Client BLBG Co Ltd
Design 2009.2 〜 2009.3
Date of Completion 2009.3
Usage Shop
Area 79 m2


So what was Ohno’s solution?

Well, he positioned a cylindrical steel pendant fixture directly over each corresponding display pedestal. These fixtures provided most of the lighting in the space without the lighting from the ceiling. As a result, this space gets a unique condition such as “dark above and well-illuminated beneath”.


The shaded walls also help the promotion of the accessories in the store, by helping the light above the products become high lightened. At the same time, the pendant fixtures cut the void and shape the space. Pathways in the shop seem to meander beneath a canopy formed by the largest of the drum shades.


Chikara Ohno



Toshiyuki Yano


Photographer: Toshiyuki Yano

About Chikara Ohno


Japanese architect, Chikara Ohno, is the representative director of Sinato Inc.

Originally born in Osaka, Ohno graduated in 1999 from the department of civil engineering at Kanazawa University. Five years later, in 2004, Ohno established Sinato Inc.

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