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How Two Different Design Experiences Can Work Great Together

The vision for the AG café in Nagoya City Aichi, Japan, was to mix the concept of a gallery and a café. Kidosaki Architects Studio, with Satoshi Itasaka as the principal, aimed to offer a place where people could meet and look at art at the same time.

The client, owner of AG Cafe, requested a space where people could enjoy art at an organic space. He also requested to harmonize two contrary factors: a cafe’s lively brisk experience and a gallery’s dignified atmosphere.

The location in which the AG cafe is constructed was not a coincidence as the architecture also was created to support the artists who work at Osu Shopping street in the center of Nagoya City.

The space is composed of a design and a tone that provide a warm experience. Kidosaki Architects Studio planned out to have abstract patterns of a bird’s nest on the walls to give that warm feeling you get when entering a café. To make the experience a bit more like inside a gallery, The architecture team added the sense of quality to the design by enriching the proportions and details.

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