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Hyper Desk: Solution to a Contemporary Phenomena

The Hyper Desk project will be published at the event Roma Design Più _ Design After School _ European Creativity, organized by the University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy. Hyper is an innovative working desk with high technological features. Behind a quiet and pure appearance it hides a special quality, it shields the user from the electromagnetic frequencies produced by the computer.

Hyper Desk

About Valentina Folli

Valentina Folli, born in Italy 1981, has studied Industrial Design at the Polytechnic where she was selected for the International exchange program "MEDES- Master in European Design" allowing for her study in Germany and Finland for two years. After finishing her Master's degree, Folli worked for the Cassina lighting division Nemp. There she industrialized the "Chain" table lamp and launched it at the Euroluce 2007.

When she moved back to Finland, she took out her Master in Furniture Design at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. When she has completed her hyper desk project she was awarded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation. Since 2003 she has collaborated with Studio Arihiro Miyake.

About the Hyper Desk

The Hyper Desk is an office high-tech table. This desk is embedded with a processor, monitor and keyboard inside its structure to offer a completely clean and free working surface for the user.

The Problem

The Electic Hype- Sensitivity is a recently discovered problem, tightly connected with the increasing of electro-magnetic frequencies in our environment. A rising number of people claim to have adverse health responses to the radiations emitted by mobile phones, wireless devices, power plants, computers and many other electrical devices. Although this disturbs and its symptoms are not recognized by the official medicine in every country, it could be a first signal of the unexpected consequences of the massive presence of EMF in our lives.

Hyper Desk's Solution

What you can not see, but “experience” is the complete absence of electromagnetic emissions usually generated by the computer: a feature designed for electric hypersensitive people in the beginning, which revealed to be interesting for everybody since the real effect of those radiations on human health isn't known.

All the electric cables are managed inside the structure, reducing the amount of dust and creating more space to move and work. This new free surface, usually taken by the monitor and the keyboard, encourages a new balance between computer use and the other office activities.

This innovation was possible by substituting and traditional keyboard (discovered to contain more bacteria than a public toilet tablet!) with a touch- sensitive one: a futuristic solution making the table easy to clean and very hygienic.

The table aesthetic follows the wish of designing a quiet and compact desk, which’s architectural and material appearance would not reveal its technical essence, making it adjustable to different environments and possible to personalize by the color and finishing of the three materials: glass, aluminum and Corian.

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