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Ideas on How to Plan an Office Refit

Guest post by Ryan Hirst: Your office space is your living space for a big part of your day, so it’s important that you take as much time to think of it as you would your own living room. When refurbishing a large office you are probably going to find it is one of the most expensive things you do, so it is vital you get it right the first time.

Your decisions and budget is likely to be under the examination of your board of directors as well as your colleagues when creating this space so it is a pretty daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to start.

In this article I intend to give you some tips and advice on how to go about planning your office refit.

Your Reason for Refurbishing

When it comes to refurbishing it is vital you know why you are doing what you are doing, so the best place to start off is with making a list of what you need and why. By doing this you will then be well prepared to identify “what” it is that your office space needs to achieve. For example if you haven’t got enough space on your desks to get on with your tasks for each day then it will be a good idea to include some new larger desks in your new office.

Things to keep in mind when making your list can include; expansion, are more people going to be working in your compact office space in the near future? If so then it will be a good idea to work out a more spacious design when refurbishing. Another thing you can include when thinking about refurbishment is health and safety, nobody will want to work in an unsafe environment and I imagine it wouldn’t go down well with company owners if your office space became a safety hazard.

Other things to think about would include; Contraction/ reorganisation, legislation, morale and productivity and also improving your image towards clients and prospects when they visit.

One thing to think about which can save you time and money is: Is your business likely to change in the next five years? If so plan, for that now so it’s not such a big job in the future.

Choose the Right Person for the Job

You should think about allocating one person to make the decisions and set up the design, whether it’s the office manager or the company director, all final decisions need to be made by one person in order to keep it efficient.

Too many people being involved can lead to disruption and also no real clear outlook of where the project is going.

When choosing the right person for the job there are a few things you should consider:
• Experience in multitasking
• Wonderful communicator
• Skilled Motivator
• Imaginative
• Good Organisation Skills
• Great at sticking to a budget
• Know your business needs inside out

Calculate Your Storage Needs

You should already have a good idea of your current storage capacity, and whether it is meeting your aspirations. When working on the refurbishment of your office, it is key to work out your exact office requirements on the storage front, especially if your storage is a major problem in your existing office.

Considering storage for individuals is vital, if your room isn’t big enough to occupy everyone in the workspace than something such as lockers may be a good idea, yet if you are graced with plenty of room at your desks then storage at each workstation is a great option. Think about how much room you need for documents and office supplies/ equipment, and if a store room might be a good idea.

All of these things above will give you a much clearer idea of how to plan the refitting of your office space, and don’t be afraid to be imaginative!

This article is provided by Ryan Hirst who writes helpful guides and tips for Eurofit Direct on their blog.

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  1. Ari Z says:

    Storage is so important in an office space. You don't want to deal with extra clutter, so having places for employees to put personal belongings like coats, bags and so forth is essential. Plus, you need appropriate storage solutions at each work station so people don't have to leave everything out on their desk.

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