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Inspired by the Pilates Ball: Bounce Chair by Pedro Gomes

The Bounce Chair by Pedro Gomes is produced with sustainable materials, and derives from a reflection about the equilibrium between product design and its responsibility to improve the human condition.

Analyzing the act of seating, as a symbolic gesture, Bounce re-creates the dynamic relation between comfort, health and well being. In this system, the chair presents it self as a unique and innovative model that adopts the functionality of a pilates ball and applies it to a new formal and structural form and materials.

Inspired by the pilates ball, where there is no back rest, the handle is not designed to lean your back but to force the body to align with the vertical axis of the chair keeping the weight aligned with the rotation center of the chair.
Bounce allows the user to be in constant movement always keeping a pleasant and stimulating confront.

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  1. Winston says:

    If Joseph Pilates was still around I can see him loving this - it's definitely something that would tickle his designer taste buds. Personally I love how it's as much as design piece as it is a functional piece that will help improve posture and make your house look gorgeous!

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