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Jun Igarashi: Your Vision Gets Shaped with Experience

Have a vision; clearly tell, and express it. – Jun Igarashi. Architect, Jun Igarashi was born year 1970 in Hokkaido, Japan. He quickly in life took interest in architecture as arts had been more of a tradition in his family. His grandfather was a carpenter and so was his father. Which made architecture an obvious choice for Igarashi ever since childhood days.

One year after he had received the “Architectural Institute of Japan Hokkaido Architectural Encouragement Prize.” Igarashi established his own practice in 1997. He named it Jun Igarashi Architects Inc. and is until this day the principle.

Rectangle of Light

“I had a hard time not understanding how I should apply my thoughts of our society into the work, especially when there was not any actual work.”

Even in the present day, he says that he is interested in coming across various societies and perceive how they diverge from a wider point of view. His current viewpoint of architecture has recently changed its direction since he constructed the “Rectangular Forest." A project in which he constructed a residence in his hometown Hokkaido, in 2000. He has followed the theme of “Rectangular” in many of his more contemporary works. Igarashi believes that it’s very important to keep yourself focused on one specific thought and use it to drive your practice. When you truly understand that specific focus and really emphasize it, people that relate to it will discover you.

Jun Igarashi
Rectangle of Light

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