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Jung Hwajin: Daily Fight for New Ideas.

South Korean designer, Jung Hwajin, has been interested in design ever since childhood days. When he was around 15 years old, he became interested in Korean and Oriental history. This young man was fascinated about the ancient architecture that could be found in history and was pondering about architectural approaches in their methodological perspective. As Korean architecture had come natural to him, he enthusiastically started to observe other areas related to architectural design.

The Light container

When asking him what the best moments of being a designer brings, he replies with an answer in which many designers would agree on, he says that it's when he can see the delight his designs provide:

“When I witness that a user of what I’ve designed looks amused, I feel satisfied. In case of “Polaroid Flower Vase” that I designed last year, I received a lot of mails from different sources after it was known by press release. One of the received mails reads that they were very pleased to see what I had designed. Is there any better moment other than giving happiness to people? I don’t think there is.”


What he today founds most challenging though fun is the search for creativity.

“In daily fight for new ideas, I tend to look for never-seen scenery rather than any familiar ones. Thus, I love travelling alone. I feel confident that all I feel and experience can be transformed into some other types of senses.”

“I’d like to let more people get access to my design works. Although I’m not sure if the place is any corporation or individually, I have a desire to hold my own exhibition by invitation abroad if allowed, moving forward with a firm basis of experience."

Hwajin’s future vision is to be recognized as the next generation’s leading Korean industrial designer. He would like to stress clear goals and active moves. By being able to do what designers actively find out by themselves rather than taking a passive attitude consistently in a standby mode. He believes that designers can obtain unusual experiences that are different from others.

“Because I’ve felt like I’ve just been moving forward by looking ahead, I’m travelling around these days. It is likely that there is no way other than travelling to recharge my batteries. My thoughts are about showing something new in design through experiences different from what others might have.”

Polaroid Flower Vase

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