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Landscale: Industrial Designer Adrien Rovero’s Solo Exhibition

"Landscale", a solo exhibition of and by the Swiss industrial designer Adrien Rovero, currently on at the mudac, in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Part landscape, part a play on the concept of scale, "Landscale" offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the designer's universe through a scenography that uses trans­lucent screens to eliminate all the usual points of reference, presenting modules as autonomous islands.

The objects on display may be small-scale models, enlarged versions, or even the production objects themselves, but at first sight it is not obvious which. The spectator's perspective is distorted - larger than life or Lilliputian. It reflects Rovero's modus operandi, using distortion of scale to inspire thought and creativity.

The exhibition is part of the "Carte blanche to a designer" series, which invites Swiss and international designers to devise their own personal exhibition.

Credits: Exhibition display © Adrien Rovero. Exhibition views © Matthieu Gafsou.
Graphic Design (text) © Aurèle Sack.

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