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LED Luminaire: Green and Innovative Design

Danish 3XN has designed an innovative LED luminaire, that with the help of a specially developed prism, uses solar energy for efficient street lighting. Seven lamps have just been placed at Bella Center in Copenhagen in conjunction with the upcoming UN Climate Conference.


- The background behind our design for the lamp stems from ideas of Japanese origami and the natural shapes that emerge from geometry. The luminaire contains folds which in addition to being very aesthetic, are very functional - even designed with respect to the wind. The luminaire works in conjunction with the mast to form a very sculptural expression - with a veiled reference to the lamp's futuristic LED technology, says Kim Herforth Nielsen, Principal at 3XN.

Street Lighting

The advanced technology results in the street lamps generating more energy than they use. Therefore the lamp is an emblem of the Climate Conference ambitions of lowering global CO2 emissions.

Capturing Nordic Light

The streetlamps are a result of the close co-operation between 3XN and the lighting firm, Scotia. The goal was to create a sculptural and CO2 neutral street lighting solution. This was achieved with the combination of 3XNs GOTHAM luminaire and Scotias solar cell lamp post. The lamp post is square and integrates upright standing solar cells which are strategically positioned to capture the Nordic light.

GOTHAM is found in several variations, although 3XN is working on a number of other lamp designs that can be combined with the solar cell lamp post. The GOTHAM project has emerged out of 3XNs internal research and development department GXN and combines the newest technology with a very futuristic expression. The development of the LED lamp lies as part of 3XNs natural ambition to be cutting edge in green and innovative design - without compromising aesthetics.

Solar Energy

Credits to Scotia and Photographer Adam Mørk

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