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Leisure and Exhibition Bridge Museum in Tianjin, China

The Bridge Culture Museum, by Beijing Sunlay Architectural Design Office, is located at the centre of the QiaoYuan Park in Tianjin. Because of it special location, on the central axis facing to the main entrance, (and it is supposed to be the landmark of the Bridge Park), this area is designed as a leisure and exhibition space in order to meet people’s needs of an "enjoyable show space".

The origin of our design concept is "operable bridge". Steel bridge, folded surface, variable structural columns, U-shape enclosed space and extended platform, all of these create a "Building for Strolling". This building is "accessible and passable". It brings people exciting and surprised experiences because of the conversion between interior and exterior spaces.

The steel bridge between the buildings leads people to the exhibition space, which is all green; the bottom of the building is a multidimensional surface, which is accessible for people to go though; the sixteen structural column have been treated in different ways to distract people’s sight; the Z-shaped building, U-shaped enclosed space, the coffee break deck and the combination of the interior and exterior spaces, merged the building together with the site.

One can find attraction of the building through their own experience to it. The Bridge Culture Museum is interactive for people both interiorly and exteriorly.

Location: Tianjin, China
Architect: Beijing Sunlay Architectural Design Office
Type: Public and Mixed-use
Building Area: 2220 square meters
Client: Tianjin Environment Development Investment Co.,Ltd.

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