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Listen To Your Inner Voice: Naoki Terada

Architect Naoki Terada, the principle of TERADA DESIGN ARCHITECTS took interested in design as a child, due to the fact that his father is a graphic designer. “I used to indulge myself in making models so I guess I was more interested in making architectural models rather than the architecture itself.”

Naoki Terada

Terada, born in Osaka, Japan refers to the city as the number one place in entire Japan when it comes to “putting adherence to the "real" things. Not to mention their affection in their cuisines and tastes. Tokyo may be putting too much on airs.”

"Seek your origin. I think it is important to listen to your inner voice rather than to the outside voices."


Since Terada design Architects are assigned to deliver products, it is important to be known among many people and receive global recognition.

It is not common for a Japanese architectural firm to deliver product and furniture design along with the architectural design. For Terada Design Architects it has been challenging to do this, though it has lead to become a style that's gaining recognition. "I would like to continue producing things that brings fun and smiles."

T.Stomach, photo by Yuki Omori

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