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Milla Rezanova: “For Myself I Have Opened Two Sources of Inspiration”

Milla Rezanova is a Russian designer born in 1978. She's involved with innovative and creative design, that kind of design where experimentation is required.


The Interview

1. When did you first take interest in design?

I have taken a great interest in design since my early childhood. At first it was the drawing, and then a gradual search has led me to interior design and subject design. Today I’m an interior designer according to the international standard of trade IIDA.

2. How would you describe Russian design?

Designers have taken a too great interest in search of new forms and concepts. The result – chaos, where the “new” have adjoined with the “old”: where the stylistics is mixed and is out of context.

From here, interiors are motley, in which each designer aspires to be allocated with all possible ways of design. Today Russian design is in a search.

3. Who have been most influential in your professional life?

Some years ago, an abrupt turn in my professional life became training, and training in London. It became a starting point in occurrence with projects such as hotel SPHERE, armchairs Dondolo and Bjork.

SPHERERestaurantWhite Number

4. What do you think is the next flow in design?

I think that clearness and simplicity of forms will always be interesting.

5. Where do you find inspiration and creativity?

For myself I have opened two sources of inspiration: the past and the present.

The past - plastic recognition of "the big style", such as constructivism.

The present - favorite places and images, the nature is the best source of inspiration.


6. What is the most challenging part of being a designer?

Design is my entire life. Therefore it is necessary to create how you want to live.

The biggest stimulus for me is when my clients are happy. It stimulates me to achieve new heights.

7. What advice do you have for an aspiring designer?

Don`t be afraid to draw something that others can`t understand, don`t be afraid to go against the stream.
Create for yourself and with all your heart.

Well and, of course, to study the past, to know what to create for the future!

8. Is there anything else that you would like to add to this interview?

I take a great interest in experiments which allow me to create spaces, where subjects, light, colour and architecture exist in an organic interrelation with the person. It has allowed me to realize tens projects: from subject design in interiors to interiors + more.


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  1. carlos viveros says:


    kindly, I´d like to know where I can find chairs of Milla Rezanova,

    Best Regards, Carlos Viveros

  2. DUDYE says:

    Carlos, the Dondolo chair is manufactured by CNA (Italy), but I believe that many of her chairs are yet concepts, you can find more information about her chairs on her website: http://www.milla.rezanova.name/eng/

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