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Misshaped Site Re-imagined Geometrically

The project that Sinato faced was to create a home to a family considering of four. The major problem was though how they would build a residence on a misshapen site. They wanted to construct a residence where “a fresh life can be experienced". Where, the house is so well designed that the misshapen site wouldn't be noticed.

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Designer: Chikara Ohno / Masaki Ito
Design office: Sinato
Location: Miyajiri Ise Mie, Japan
Date of completion: 2/2009
Use: Residence
Area: 146.56m2
Photographer: Hiroshi Ueda


How did they solve their “misshaped site” problem? Here’s the process:

They first placed three rectangles along the site. Then between the three rectangles they placed three quadrangles between the rectangles and one triangle in the middle of the entire plan.

The three rectangles were made into rooms: such as living room, kitchen and bedroom. While the three quadrangles became the courtyards. And finally the triangle in the center of the house became its hall which is a connecting point of the rooms and faces the courtyards with a transparent glass, hence becomes rich in light.


Chikara Ohno

Masaki Ito

Miyajiri Ise Mie

Hiroshi Ueda




About Chikara Ohno


Japanese architect, Chikara Ohno, is the representative director of Sinato Inc.

Originally born in Osaka, Ohno graduated in 1999 from the department of civil engineering at Kanazawa University. Five years later, in 2004, Ohno established Sinato Inc.

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