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Mr. Cube by Héctor Serrano

Mr. Cube is Héctor Serrano's new creative design that will be presented next week at 100% London.

Mr. Cube is a petite and sustainable collection of wooden figures with a common central body and interchangeable arms, legs and head. It's a rather creative design that can be rearranged and create numerous combinations because of its internal magnets. Then, when you're done playing, you can gather all its parts and fit them in together, forming a cube.

Mr. Cube is Héctor Serrano studio's participation for this year's TEN, which is a collective of ten designers who for the last four years have been presenting diverse sustainable design projects. Now, it's time for their fifth year and the TEN collective will be shown at an exhibition of projects, called TEN PLAN, accompanied by plans and instructions.

Here are the Images of Mr. Cube

You can visit TEN PLAN at Stand 'Central Boulevard 5' 100% Design, Earls Court, London 23-26 September 2010.

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