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New Pop-up Store Realized by Hypsos

The Mercedes-Benz pop-up store has been opened in the heart of The Hague in the Netherlands, created for the introduction of the new Mercedes-Benz CLA model, which is designed by retail specialist Buro Loods and realized by Hypsos.

Hypsos - Mercedes-Benz pop-up store Den Haag 1 (1)

From April 12th Mercedes-Benz Dealerships has a new retail experience in the heart of The Hague in the Netherlands. Buro Loods has translated the Mercedes global retail concept for the Dutch market, which is currently being implemented across all dealerships.








Information provided by Hypsos:
The shop in The Hague has been transformed into a total Mercedes experience, where Mercedes-Benz Dealerships will be able to bring its new compact class models to the attention a whole new audience. The Mercedes-Benz brand takes the center stage in this prime shopping location in The Hague. Powerful imagery and digital interaction combine with the live models in the showroom to create an immersive brand experience.

Hypsos - Mercedes-Benz pop-up store Den Haag 1 (2)


About Hypsos
Hypsos, founded in 1910, is a leader in live communication for more than 100 years. Hypsos creates environments for museums, trade fairs, brand experiences and events. In the retail field, Hypsos realizes shop environments, displays, point-of-sale material and visual management.

About Buro Loods
Working together with their clients to develop brand environments with impact, creating spaces which inspire consumer interaction. They focus on helping their clients achieve their commercial goals, delivering relevant creative solutions that can be implemented consistently across a retail portfolio.

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