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Paul Coudamy, Inventing with Found Objects

Paul Coudamy has a transversal approach of disciplines that result in a polymorph kind of performance and practice. He works with diverse media such as clothing, design, architecture, installation and video. It all began with architecture.


“I did architecture studies. But when I discovered the first Droog design book, I was more interested in this instant design spirit than working on utopic over sized projects achieved with a model and 3D views.

Coudamy says that there were no money for architecture students in France, so he created his furniture and art installations with found objects.

“Everything is already done but more have to be invented. Solutions are everywhere; it is just a matter of changing our point of view and thinking without standards."

He now runs an office and can find the amount of time slightly confronting.

"Running an office takes all your time. It's hard to manage having time to create and to experiment. My practice is closer to a craftsman rather than an industrial designer. The main problem is that you have to do everything and/or learn how to do it fast. If you want to experiment and take the risk to work with new tactics on each project you better be ready for a complex work life.”

Today the occupation with found objects remains as Coudamy reaches to a more technological field.

“Hopefully the range of subjects become wider and wider. I'm currently working on ceramic jewels digital conceived with complex geometries. It's very interesting to work with very high technological tools and working with found objects at the same time.”

The upcoming projects for him are currently “a set of ceramic jewels prototypes, storage shelves made of wood shipping boxes, a system of desk with honeycomb plastic and wood legs, an apartment furnished with mobile devices and a huge curvy bookcase made with computer.”

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