Privacy Policy

Here you can see how DUDYE use the information you provide on the page.

When commenting on posts, you only need to type in a username and give out your email address, the email address will not be shown on the site, but are mainly there to communicate with you hence to offer services along with products. You can also if you like; add a link to your own homepage.

DUDYE has links to other sites and advertisement as well, so keep in mind that the other sites might not have the same policies as DUDYE, therefore DUDYE is not responsible for the actions committed by other sites.

DUDYE does not allow any racism or any other type of discrimination to be posted on the site, so therefore such comments and posts will be cancelled from the site.


When you submit any substance to, please ensure that you have the copyright of that you are submitting. Therefore DUDYE’s outlook do not always reflect on the comments and reviews posted on this site by you or other users. Dudye is not responsible or accountable for any content submitted by you or anyone else. You, who submit any substance to this site is completely responsible and accepts liability for any actions relating to the substance.

We do not accept any submissions that are containing untruthfulness, racism, illegality or that contain obscene, abusive and other offensive content.

We are free to publish the content of your submission in whole or parts of it on DUDYE.

When you are submitting any substance to DUDYE, you are agreeing to these terms.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact.