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Restaurant Kateharis’ Design: Each Detail is the Result of a Functional and Stylistic Analysis

Conceptual interior architect Ismini Karali describes how, by using inexpensive design, her team found a way to satisfy their clients with fresh and unique ideas.

The modern Cretan restaurant “Kateharis” in Athens, was designed by Ismini Karalis’ team, which, due to economical crisis in Europe, faced an unusual situation for their company, which was to establish a modern interior design within a low budget. This challenged them to find new ways to present their design ideas to their customers.

The stakeholders are Maria and Vicky Pantazis, two young sisters from the island of Crete who shared a common dream: to open a modern restaurant with Cretan cuisine in Athens, Greece. In this project, Karali was looking to use a wide variety of cheap materials, and through them transfer Cretan tradition with a fresh look. Each choice, each detail is the result of a deep functional and stylistic analysis.

All Design Elements Represent the Way of Cretan Living:

• The separate wooden wall with small boats describe the way Cretan people still make a living through shipping and the great history and connection Crete has with the sea.

• Two displays on the wall contain pieces of traditional Cretan costumes on a digital print.

• The ceiling lighting has lyrics and quotes as well as sketches, representative of the island’s culture, printed on them.

• Graphic art installations with references to the Cretan tradition in ancient times, is created by the artistic team: industrial designer Ilektra Pouraki and renovation designer Marina Sifnaiou.

• A wall covered with a photo collage, mostly from Ismini Karali’s personal archive, shows characteristic moments and shots from Cretan life and other Greek islands.

“What’s important is that we used much more imagination and creativity than usual” says Karali.

Here are the Images of Kateharis:

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