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Rie Isono: Be Open, Ideas Come in Daily Life

Designer Rie Isono grew up in a surrounding where her mother was very good at sewing, and she loved watching her create tones of things. I can change a colorful cloth into small articles and dresses. I think that this is the reason I’m today interested in creating.

I applied for a job which was announced by the university (Musashino Art University).The first assignment was the design of a clock radio that was supposed to be completed in two weeks. After that, I got employed by Sony.


I want to make life comfortable.

I need to find the best solution to a problem within a certain time period, even if there’re limited materials to my usage. I also need to think about the background and necessity where the product will appear.

All choices of activity are greatly useful experiences for me who live as a designer. I have worked at home until April this year. That is for the reason that I wanted to make the most time for my daughter. So, working has currently been completely combined with my living. From this situation, I strive for reality in my design work. It should not be separated from the way in which I live. Also, there is actually a lot in this work that needs to experience the aspect of child raise.

In the project named Codo-Mono-Coto, I designed some products, such as tableware. It aims to enjoy the eating time with children. For example, one is the luncheon mat which looks like a field, in which children can pretend to be on.

Field Tableset

Even though the office has moved closer to my house now, I want to cherish the time I spend with my family as much as possible.

Enhancing Creativity

In nature, hints of beauty are hidden. There is no artificial shape.
In town, I can explore how people unconsciously behave and feel when using products. Hence, when I go out or if possible travel, I take the time to see through the user’s perspective. If I can’t do that I simply dish wash or clean to refresh my mind.

I recollect beautiful things to get my imagination stimulated. Especially, water, light, plants, etc. They give me lots of images.

Bubble watch

The thing you create is not only there for usability, but also beauty. For instance, Trampoline Basket can hold delicate fruits softly because of the elastic material. Moreover, the outline that the fruits make is interesting.


Young Designers

If a young designer should work for free just to get some experience or not? I can’t answer this with my clear opinion, because I feel that the internship system has not been established in Japan yet. In my point of view, of course, young designers need lots of practical experiences. However, there should be even a little a payment for it.

As a designer try to make the best use of yourself at any time!

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