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Simple and Fun Designs in Giancarlo Zema’s New Eco Collections

I really like Giancarlo Zema's eco collections, they are simple and clean, yet have playful vibes to them.

Information provided by Giancarlo Zema Design Group

Canyon Collection
Inspired by the sculptures and infinite layers of the American Grand Canyon, this eco-friendly collection designed by architect Giancarlo Zema for the new Origami Furniture brand consists of a chair, coffee table and lamp made of recycled cardboard. Soft and curvaceous shapes reveal cozy niches to keep bags, magazines or small objects.




Snake Collection
A playful, cheerful and colorful snake with a curvy silhouette, almost like a cartoon. This is the exciting childhood memory that led designer Giancarlo Zema to design, for the new Origami Furniture brand, an essential but fun collection that consists of a desk and chair made of recycled dual-colored cardboard. An ideal piece of furniture to decorate smart and eco-friendly homes and offices in a young and informal style.




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