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Stairscraper: Focusing on Individual Needs in a Collective Whole

Nabito’s ongoing project, the Stairscraper, will be built in Abu Dhabi, EAU, as it is the 2010 project winner of the Total Housing Competition. Below you will find the idea and description of their winning concept.

The Stairscraper is a 360 degree complex which incorporates all kinds of common facilities and public spaces at different levels while maintaining the intimacy of the individual space with same quality. Nabito explains that housing projects are impossible today without incorporating something much more complex than simply the solution to a social need. The housing today represents the idea of understanding a wider habitat, a system of complex social relationships with the environment in search of enjoyment of life while mixing different ambits and different uses.

“It's easy to say that in relation to the contemporary change in the space-time conditions also change the structure of society and the peculiarity of mobility in an urban environment, a social space, more and more defined by cultural diversity, and multiplicity of attitudes and activities. The work space becomes for example an open space to many other possibilities and activated in a productive and at the same time lucid time not necessarily restricted in a specific area (space-time) of the day,” writes Nabito.

“Questioning the relationship between quality and quantity is the essence of this radical research. The Stairscraper is a real provocation on the possibility of extending the housing to a Total Habitat sensitive to individual needs in a collective whole. So the passage from the private cottages (no spaces social bookmarking) to social cottages, maintaining individual and intimate space is evident.”

“The Stairscraper is a superposition of individual singular garden houses with the same characteristic of the horizontal sprawl but liberating the land and concentrating the uses and the energy. It is a social collective of individualities.”

Here are the Images of Stairscraper:

Assigned Task: Project design, site supervision, and security at design and execution.
Collaborators: Teo Valli, Agita Putnina, Isidora Stecki, Sandra Stefanovic, Furio Sordini.

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