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Take a Nap & Incubate

Sometimes letting go off a problem will let your "subconscious" work it out for you. Getting great ideas don't always result from logical step by step thinking. Looking deliberately for ideas can sometimes inhibit the continual process that your subconscious is involved in. So we need to let the process take care of the problem.


After understanding your problem and defining it you should focus on something else. Take a mini vacation from your problem and let the process work it out for you. This process can be called incubation. Here are the steps:

  1. Identify the problem, give it a good challenge statement.
  2. Do Your research that might help you, read books & magazines and talk to people about it.
  3. Tell yourself or your brain that you want the possible solutions.
  4. Incubate. Forget about it. Take a Vacation.
  5. Eureka!!!! Check out Your ideas.

Da Vinci is famous for doing this little trick often, he found that he would become much surer of his position and the problem after getting some perspective. That is what Incubation does for you, it gives you perspective. When you have your head in the problem and its context you might not see outside it, and this might be problematic itself. So we need to change our view-point and see the problem from a different angle. I personally find that my best ideas come when I take a walk, or after a nap. When do You get your best Ideas?

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