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The Aim of the Game: Albert Abut

Albert Abut, the Principal Architects of TRIPLE A ARCHITECTS PLANNERS was twelve years old when he decided to become an architect. He also started sailing with dinghies at this age. But it all started when he was six years old and began to design houses, buildings, sailboats, racing cars, cruise ships, planes... with only one thing in mind: how these things work? So I looked up everywhere I could to understand. The fruit of this curiosity today is practicing architecture and naval architecture.

Hotel Particulier Paris 2005

Inspiration & Imagination

My imagination works 24/24/365. Everything, everybody, every element of my direct/indirect environment, of the universe inspires me. The adventure is a human adventure. I like to be part of it, contribute to it. Give it everything every emotion I can to make it exciting, challenging, but also comforting, relaxing and peaceful.

I dig inspiration from the past, from traditional houses adapted to their immediate climatologic and topographical environments by men for thousands of years, bring the result of such research into the present using all other sources of inspiration like product designs, music, clothing, technologies, forms designed by nature such as micro-organisms, etc... and innovate for the future. The aim of the game is to be able to realize timeless buildings. I don't think I'm there yet. But that's the idea. Not to follow any trends, any fashions but stay avant-garde, design conscious, realize the fruit of my own vision, my own style while giving as much as I can to human kind and to our real home: to planet earth.

There is technology behind beauty. You control technology; you can then offer excellent design, outstanding beauty. It has been like that in ancient times and it is like that now. All my inspiration comes from our floating universe. My dream is to defy gravity (or maybe understand the secret that nullifies gravity). As also as a naval architect I always try to imagine my buildings floating in a certain liquid. That's how I developed a new technology inspired by oil tanker hulls in order to build earthquake proof buildings in Japan resisting the phenomenon called "soil liquefaction" when an earthquake occurs. We are limited by what we think we know. We don't see what is really there to grab. I'll try to get there in this life or in the next. In the mean time architecture stays my religion, my children - my inspiration to plan the future, my wife - my pillar to lean on and to give to. Because... “What is not given is lost (Gandhi).”

Being in charge of Projects

I feel like a movie director who knows each detail of the scenario and scenography and WHEN/HOW it will be performed. Nevertheless there is always room for improvisation, more creativity and innovation. Architects are not only artists, designers. They have to know how to coordinate architecture, structure, MEP, document on latest technologies and materials, prepare renderings, control cost, negotiate with world level contractors, their estimates, proposed execution technologies, survey their execution works, meet every week with them, with their sub-contractors to discuss details, coordinate such details between different suppliers, file for development and building permits, know all architectural and urban regulations on the place of the planet where the city or the building will be built. After all these are done and the building is built they are bound to give a 10 years guarantee. I don't know of any director, conductor, artist or designer providing such guarantees. You always need to be on the internet, searching for the latest avant-garde and innovative materials and technologies.

Every project, every client is a new world to discover with respect, passion and compassion. We get all we can on the site, its direct and indirect environments, its social, political, human, natural, national, cultural, traditional, topographical, etc. And also the client's identity, aspirations and wishes, aims. Only after we have completed such research we start drawings and create a scenario for all who will use/visit the building, the city.

While everyone mentions "sustainable energy and development" because it is trendy, we already are at the next stage. My 3rd skin research is now entering a new phase where all buildings I built since the 90 ties and which were designed according to energy efficient technologies are now showing until what extent their sustainability has been efficient. The holding company we are just creating and is called DD Holdings (DD = Développement Durable = Sustainable Development) encompasses all latest such technologies and includes also other companies we create for maintenance of buildings, products we design in order to progress towards low cost-high maintenance-planet conscious solutions.

Each team develops its own project, a project manager leads each team, he/she has around him/her competent architects who will themselves be able to develop the project with team members capable of 3D development and renderings, scale models, drafting, etc... We don't outsource 3D renderings, we don't outsource scale modeling and we don't outsource drafting. Everything that comes out of the office is pure own production and typical identity of each team. My style is giving total freedom but keeping total control of the output.

CSC project Chiba 2008

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