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The Designer’s Story

When entering a designer's site, we most often click on the "Profile" page. It's in our nature to be curious on who the creator of a certain design is. And, how this person has evolved his/her vivid imagination into the world. Hence, a designer's story becomes a crucial part when exposing one's work. The story you share will become a great benefit to you and strengthen the connection you share with your client.

Allowing potential clients to get to know you is a brilliant way to generate a sustainable client, which will also lead to positive word-of-mouth. Sharing your story in a manner your audience can relate to will lead to trust in your ability to carry through with what you promise. People enjoy knowing people, not stuff or clothes. If you express what you stand for as a person, you will also reveal what your designs stand for.

Here's a simple framework on what your story should contain:

Who You Are:

You're not doing this just as another marketing tactic, but you're sharing your story to fully show what your position is and how you have reached your determination and beliefs. A story shows that you're a person and it provides an emotional experience for your client.

Your Purpose, How You Benefit the Client:
One of the most interesting topics that people love to read about are values, beliefs and future plans. Values help us unite emotionally to the designer and the issues he or she is bringing up. A personal story which expresses various life experiences will help your potential client to understand what it is that you value the most. The influence that comes with a personal story will be thought of and communicated with others.

And, not to forget, another great way of expressing what you stand for is to tell what you do not stand for to reinforce your position even further.

One last thing to remember...

You're not the only one with a story.There's plenty of designers who have stories and your client don't have the patience nor time to hear them all. You need to express yourself in a way that fits into the other person's perspective of life.

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