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The Power of One Shot: Hirano Aichi

Hirano Aichi was inspired to become a photographer at the age of twenty, when he snapped a shot with his father's camera of a Shinto shrine. To him the scenery looked more realistic in the finder shone than it did in reality. "I want you to think about the power of one shot. There are a lot of excessive expressions in the synthesis captured by digital photography."

"I like to show the human nature of the person's nonchalant source, if it is included by the person."

"The air in the scenery should be expressed in the photography; I do not like expressions which doesn't show darkness and excessively. I always bear in mind to start copying the temperature and the air that is felt, including humidity as an idea that approaches essence in the concept."

“I pick up my camera in natural daily life as I am influenced of nature and scenery a lot."

“I like to shoot until I feel that I’m satisfied, more than just feeling as if I’m “correct”. As I do not have a strong memory, I can't repeat the same things too much. I have the habit of always reconfirming things in different ways to get the same answer. It’s like a repetition of recognizing new things in daily life again and again.”

"I’m often influenced to take photos at my favorite locations."

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