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These are the Design Tactics Studio LOOP Use to Create More Space

A family in Chiba, Japan, wanted a spacious house in a narrow urban area. By studying the local zoning and planning laws of the site: Studio LOOP came up with the idea of structuring an eleven-meter high residence with an irregular pitched roof for the family.

Find out the tactics Studio LOOP used to give the architecture a greater sense of space.

The initial idea of this house was born within the complex zoning framework of the site. The studio imagined that a fairly tall structure (in relation to the residences in the neighborhood) would provide a maximum interior space and floor area, where the family can live a more “spacious” life.

“A wooden staircase connecting each skipped floor allows the family to act in many different ways when circulating the small house."..."Each room needs to be adjacent to each other when you draw a floor plan. A spatial and volumetric relationship of each room in planning a vertical circulation is key to create an enjoyable experience” explains Studio LOOP.

“The interior space composition is characterized by a circulation which is one of the most important factors when designing a house in this kind of a narrow urban area.” That is, when continuously shifting a large space to a small space and a low space to a high space: the sense of a bigger space will intensify.

Through the different sized openings of each room, space, light and materials mixed with the wishes of the family an expressive lifestyle evolves.

Here are the Satellites house:

Project Name: SATELLITES
Project Year: 2009-2010
Location: Matsudo - city, Chiba, Japan
Program: Residential
Structure: RC, Wood Construction
Site Area: 66.07 sq.m
Building Area: 39.41 sq.m
Total Floor Area: 143.81 sq.m
Structural design: Daisuke Hasegawa Structural Engineers

About Studio LOOP

Studio LOOP

Studio LOOP consists of a team of five members, three architects including an interior designer, manager and marketer. The group were established in 2005 and primarily work on architectural design, product and interior design, also digital media involved in this field.

"LOOP doesn't just mean circle, but LOOP stands for a relationship among family, friends, nature, ecology, society, culture and world. Our concept is to re-establish the way architectural thinking on how it can be solved in different perceptions. Not only by architecture but also by activities, we hope to create a new "LOOP"."

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