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This is How 3XN Has Positioned a New Savings Bank in Denmark

Strategy does not solely require a different way of thinking but an entirely different approach to life. The Middelfart Savings Bank is characterized by a dramatic roof scape, which will be putting the Danish town on the island of Fyn on the architectural map and simultaneously provide a new public space for local citizens.

"Middelfart Savings Bank is a social institution and they feel a great responsibility for their local area. We wanted to reflect that by creating a social space which embraces the city and the inhabitants as well as the bank itself." explains Kim Herforth Nielsen, Principal of 3XN who designed the building.

3XN won first prize in a competition for the client Trekantens Ejendomsselskab because of their empathetic approach towards the customers, and a vision that unites the Middelfart savings Bank's high ambitions for their new head office. The building must ensure a perfect environment for the employees while also positively stress demands for high architectural quality in the future developments along the harbor front.

With its central position, the bank will become a natural meeting point for clients, staff and visitors. In relation to the surrounding city, an organized balance has been achieved.

In addition to developing a comprehensive sustainable strategy for each project, the 3XN Research & Development department scans the marketplace and continuously implements latest technologies and sustainable innovations into their projects. Developed through the Danish Technical University, and now a part of the curriculum, the implementation of the latest technologies in energy efficient heating and cooling of buildings for the headquarters of Middelfart Savings Bank has been viewed as well achieved.

The geometrical roof is designed to frame a perfect view towards the Lillebælt waters as well with a functional purpose of shading from direct sunlight. Under the roof, different functions such as a bookshop, a café, a real estate agent and the cash desk are placed around a central plaza, resulting in the building forming an informal public meeting space.

3XN has also made sure to provide some additional value: the internationally renowned artist Olafur Eliasson has created an art installation for the plaza. Six kaleidoscopes inspired by the triangular geometry of the building are lowered into the ground floor granite adding an extra dimension to the structure.

Middelfart Savings Bank’s new head office was awarded the MIPIM Future Projects Award in 2006. It was inaugurated April 16 2010.

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