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Time for You to Stand Alone as a Designer

The fundamental nature of strategy is to put yourself in a position where you have more choices than your competitors. To accomplish this, you need to realize that you’ll be taking decisions and struggle on your own.

The most common mistake done by Creatives is to let go off the creativity that lead to the field of design to begin with and instead become intimidated by other “more successful” designers. This typically results into fear which leads to copying others and looking for steps to follow. Strategy is not about following someone else’s winning steps; strategy is about becoming more reliant on your own abilities and push yourself out of the herd.

Intimidation can be a really powerful fear and it’s easy to follow others to build a sense of safety, especially in the crowded field of design. However, we need to remember that others are not too different from ourselves. To make the people you’re in competition with more human, you need to get inside their heads and understand their weaknesses. A good way to see this is to take what makes you off balance, and use that as a weapon on your competitors.

How You Become more Intimidating to Competitors

People, who focus on only one issue, seem more intimidating then others who have a multiple category of clients with different approaches to life. However, you need to achieve control of your imagination and force yourself to focus on one niche, your potential client must know who you are and what you stand for and you must know who you’re addressing. When you're focused, you will experience less angst and you’ll gain more insight in your own field. We very often underestimate our own capacities but you must become less reliant on others.

Succeed or hit the ground, it’s time to say farewell to your comfort zone. When people see you take risks, they’ll believe that you have less fear than they do, hence capable of so much more. This will not only give your work attention but people will admire you and create word of mouth. Make risky possibilities a frequent factor in your life.

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