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Why Relying on Your Past Experiences Will Destroy You as a Designer!

Experience is sometimes overrated. Too many designers are focused on what they have learnt during their academic years, and forget the importance of truly being creative and make new strategies for each of the products they manufacture. This will destroy you as a designer: repetition kills creativity.

The common problem seen in many struggling designers is the fact that they use the same tactics repeatedly. To analyse this behavior, we need to take a look at the strategy. Using the same strategy might fool you into thinking that you create a certain image that people can categorize you in. However, this should not effect the strategy of your products.

Let's clear things up with an example: if you have chosen to always compete with the strategy of taking less money than your competitors for the same quality product, you have missed the point. This is not creativity, this is monkey do what monkey sees. This might have worked once, but it will destroy you if you overuse it because of that reason. The reason that this strategy have worked is because the market have been populated by a customer who wants lower prices. But if you for instance, in the next project, head into a market who value deluxe quality, offering them a low price might put them off and make them feel as if your product's value isn't enough just because of the price range you're offering!

Do you see yourself doing this? This is nothing unusual or even weird, it's "common sense" to utilize what has already once worked, this is the safest way you can approach a problem but the negative aspect is that safe doesn't apply if you want to stay in the industry. The strategy is the direction in which you focus a product's vision. After you've made your strategy, you can apply the tactics.

Your Biggest Obstacle

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein.

If you want to be creative, you need to step out of your comfort zone and make decisions that are based on what occur at this very moment, not the past. Always swift your perception and dig out new ways of approaching problems. If you believe that relying on proven facts is all that is needed to succeed than your path will not be a long nor rich one.

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